Hi everyone! Alan and I are getting ready to send the completed first chapter of the comic to the printers really soon, we looked back at our work since January… and cringed. So we went back and corrected all the pages misshaps, like hands, people who weren’t quite doing it for us, awkward speech bubble placement, all sorts! So heres an example, we will update all the pages with this next month, but heres the before and after of the Bumble Brew Scene :)


Hello everyone! Finally the post you’ve been waiting for, ALOVERA at London MCM Expo!

Firstly i would like to say thank you to everyone! Alan & I had such an amazing time, even with little sleep per night it was a totally fantastic experience and were too sad its over so soon! Thank you to my friends, who many came out of their way just to see us and buy our comic, thank you to my fellow comic artists, who i feel as close as to family in the 3 short days we were there, we love you, and last but not least thank you to you, our fans, old and new who showed us that our work was worth making for you who are so supportive! It means the world to us! 

Anime con was crazy, Alan & I managed to prepare everything up to the last toy by 3am the night before, we had planned everything from the paper stock of the comic to the fabric of our table cloth, we even brought along our new member, the studio plant Nigel for the ride :) Together we had at least 100 comics, 120 handmade toys, 120 postcards, 300 business cards (all of which were taken on the Saturday alone!), and we sold more or less a quarter to a half of everything, leaving spare for October con! Also for those who are interested, i’m also in the process of setting up a etsy shop for the toys and comics for those who couldn’t see us!

Were so happy to have been able to do so well for our first time there, we had to pretty much talk non-stop to get the attention of passer buyers, but it was worth it as today i booked tickets to see our good friend in Belgium as our first holiday together ever! So thanks once again we wouldnt have been able to do this without you!

Featured in our photos are our new friends from Anime con: The lovely AprilKaoriEveHannah and finally Josceline! Please click their names to see their awesome work! It was wonderful meeting you guys properly, even if i may have seen you before, i wish we could have spent more time together! This is my comic booty from the weekend, i totally overspent buy hey i like to support my peeps amarite? Theyre so great i just want to roll in happiness in them! 

So thats our time there, 3 days indoors while the nicest weather all year is shining outside, but i would happily trade it anyday for the totally priceless time we had! See you all again in October! For those who live locally, we might be selling again in Greenwich Market over summer, so stay tuned!