V&Tree Magazine is Digitally Published!

Remember this piece of work? Last summer I printed for my final major project, the first and probably only V&Tree Magazine. Alan and I planned to extend the issue after graduation and then distributed it at expos, but that never happened because we got picked up for work at Devilfish. OF course then we did our final show in October 2013 and called it quits until we finished our current life’s work, the graphic novel project.

But I got an email recently, from people trying to offer collaborative work, in trade for no payment, which I find frankly unacceptable nowadays. But I did discover from this fanzine proposal, the website it was self published on called issuu. Where now thanks to that I am releasing V&Tree Magazine to read online as a digital publication for free

Its taken ages to come around to, which I apologise for, if only I knew of this sooner (then I might have been able to submit a decent print amarite?) but I hope you enjoy it. It has all of the energy and wonder of this blog, accompanied by new stories, recipes and wonderful graphic art and design work by us in Alovera Studio

From today onwards, Orbital in London will be selling the last remaining Alovera Comics & Purple Pages in store! Since October MCM Comic Con we are now no longer selling our work at events or online, so if you still have not had the chance to get your own, please buy in store to show your support! 

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Alovera Studio Interview with Stephen Lacey’s 20 Minute Longbox

During our last MCM Comic Con, we were interviewed by the charming Stephen Lacey on some in depth dirt on what we have been up to with the series. We are first up on this episode, so make sure to have a listen to get some new info, as well as hearing our voices struggle to compete with the DDR machines that were playing loudly in the background. Thank you to Stephen Lacey for your time, it was a lot of fun and even I am surprised how we could keep up, completely scriptless! 

Bug Badges made for our last convention, featuring Alan’s insects, fabric printed and hand sewn. See all the designs in his portfolio here: aloanimation.tumblr.com/

The last of the Alovera Comics and The Purple Pages, packed ready and sexy to be sent to stores around London. With the end of our last convention, Alan and I are now working full time on the series so that we may return in 2015.

The Purple Pages, Short Stories and Concept Art - 1/3

The Purple Pages, Short Stories and Concept Art - 2/3

The Purple Pages, Short Stories and Concept Art - 3/3